Easy, Fun & Educational!

For your kids (or you)

Clockwise is a clock reading game for the young, but also for the old.
Because children around the age of 5 can’t read yet, the app will say what time it needs to set or find using a localised voice.
Currently Clockwise supports 5 languages with more to come:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch

With 6 difficulty levels (per hour, half hour, quarter, ten/five or 1 minute(s), you can steadily progress your child’s reading knowledge.

Try it out and download Clockwise on the App Store, I think you are going to love it.

Learning made fun!

Not just another boring piece of paper with clocks

Hours of fun

With 2 different game modes, Clockwise assures you and your kids endless hours of fun.

Language icon

Multiple languages

Clockwise lets you learn to read the clock in 5 different languages.
English, French, German, Dutch & Italian, with more to come soon.

Voice Speech Supported

Voice support

Too young to read?
No problem, Clockwise app uses a voice synthesizer to tell your kid what to do.


Pick between 6 difficulty levels & choose how many questions you want.

1 app,
for all your iOS devices!

Clockwise app is made for your iPhone & iPad.

Enough looking,
Get your copy of Clockwise now on:

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